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Silent Protagonists

In the mid-1950s the work of a small mechanical workshop began. Thanks to the opportunities offered by this land of engines and the extraordinary understanding between “old-fashioned men”, an entrepreneurial adventure began which, in the automotive field, has written important pages lived by silent protagonists.

«Intuit the possible paths and create the most advanced and functional technical solutions, make the innovative proposals of the designers practicable, take care of every small detail of all the individual steps of the production process with obsessive precision.»

This was requested by Enzo Ferrari…. For this reason William Vaccari, founder of the company and affectionately called “the pipemaker” by the Drake of Maranello, became Ferrari’s sole official supplier in 1956 and the chassis of the most emblazoned Gran Turismo… 250 Le Mans, California, GTO, Diablo, Daytona, Quattroporte, 328, Ghibli, Testarossa, 456, F40, F50, up to the current and future high-end hybrid and full-electric models from the industry leaders .

Vaccari&Bosi began its business in 1973 in a building in the “Fola” area in the municipality of Pievepelago.
Initially it produced chassis components for Ferrari cars on behalf of the Vaccari company of Modena, official supplier of Ferrari since 1953.
Over the years, Vaccari&Bosi increases its technological/production capacity, producing complete chassis for various car brands.
niche sports, almost saturating, with expansions to the factory, the area available in the “Fola” sector.
In 1988, to satisfy market demands, it was decided to bring part of the production to the artisan village, also in the municipality of Pievepelago, called “Isola Lunga”. Initially by purchasing an already built warehouse and gradually purchasing/building other buildings, thinking more about satisfying customer requests and guaranteeing jobs, giving little importance to production flows and the resulting costs.

Starting from the 2000s, with the technological leap of sports cars which no longer adopted steel frames, but aluminum frames, the way of production had to be revolutionized by acquiring new technologies and new machinery.
Once again an attempt was made to expand the production site with new acquisitions and once again increasing the inefficiencies of the logistics flows, but increasing the number of jobs in the area.

Today Vaccari & Bosi has over 300 workers.
Currently the company with the Fola, Isola Lunga and Modena settlements covers an area of ~ 40,000 m2