In order to interpret the ever-increasing volume of digital information coming from production, logistics and its own supply chain, Vaccari e Bosi has invested in a latest generation information system. The project made it possible to optimize processes, reduce response times to customers and supply and be able to deal with new potential customers.

These investments have allowed Vaccari and Bosi to achieve advanced digitalization in the field of BIG DATA & ANALYTICS technologies, CLOUD COMPUTING, HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL INTEGRATION of systems and ROBOTICS. In particular, the introduction of the active Hyperconvergence system has made it possible to significantly reduce the complexity of the IT infrastructure, facilitating the creation, management and recovery of large sets of data and process information (BIG DATA & ANALITYCS). Furthermore, the infrastructure created has made it possible to make the data digital, efficient and easily scalable, in order to identify drivers of verification, control and efficiency of the entire information system, up to defining the Business Intelligence policies, useful if not indispensable and guide the company’s strategic choices (CLOUD COMPUTING).

The new server structure and software licenses have allowed Vaccari and Bosi to support the connectivity and horizontal organization of multiple parts and multiple factories, allowing for gradual network integration of all production technologies. Furthermore, the KPIs returned by the information system are made available to management and ownership to guide market choices and strategic management choices. Over time, vertical integration will also affect the automotive supply chain, thanks to the new computing power and high data protection, it will be possible to share information with many car manufacturers in a protected IT environment, capable of safeguarding industrial secrecy ( vertical/horizontal integration). Finally, the upgrade of the hardware and software equipment has allowed the robotics department already supplied by the company to exploit data not only for the final control of the products, but also for production and design (ROBOTICS).